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Skilled Professionals.Be assured by experience

Our vast experience within pipeline pigging, inline inspections, integrity management makes us highly capable of providing complete solutions, making qualified recommendations and providing guidance on industry best practices. This, in addition to our variety of specialists within areas ranging from inline inspections, NDE, defect assessment, welding, materials technology, structural integrity, to monitoring and inspection, allows us to solve almost any challenge with regards to pipeline integrity management.

For crafting the future in a clear-sighted way, INSPIPE nurtures a culture of unrivalled diversity of talent, skills, experience, and insight at work. This promotes bright, ingenious and innovative ideas that enhances the customer experience.

Effective Planning

Effective Planning.Process Organized.

Planning may not be the most enjoyable part of managing ILI and pipeline integrity projects, but it is the most vital part for reducing risk and failure rates. INSPIPE has a unique and field proven ILI / pigging project management process that complements some of the best project managers and consultants in the industry who work here. This process uses a step by step approach to deliver pipeline intelligent pigging projects while still allowing the flexibility of seamless integration with customer processes and monitoring at any stage as their requirement may be.

  • Feasibility Study
  • Budgeting
  • Tendering – Scope Preparation, Specifications, Technical / Commercial Reviews, Contract terms.
  • Preparations – Site Visits, Modifications, Procedures, Contingency Plans
  • Execution – Field Operations, Data Analysis, Reporting, defect verifications
  • Remaining Life, Fitness for Service and Repair Recommendations

Why choose Us?

Risk Management.We have got you Covered.

ILI operations are considered operationally complex and higher risk activity by most oil & gas operators. This is often as they look at this as non-routine activity and they are not easily able to fully complete the risks assessments and contingency measures that needs to be carried out prior to progressing with the execution on their own. INSPIPE supports customers on risk assessments, help to puts in place contingency measures on all the ILI, Pigging and Integrity projects prior to execution, following industry best practices.

We bring to the table a whole world of perspective, drawing on knowledge from across our firm to inform any given challenge. Collaborating across services and areas of specialization, we engage in a richer conversation about the issues at hand and recommend solutions that works.